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Wrestlemania | Grapplin’ Beans Season 1 Finale

The Beans discuss Omos


Jacob Dickens takes us through the events of the night, as we all discuss the very highs (Bianca Belair!) and the utter fiendish lows (seriously, The Fiend is shit).

The video included in this post isn’t allowed on social media due to included clips of Wrestlemania, so please enjoy it without any freeze frames and as it was intended to be seen!

You can find all the podcasts we do at the links and embeds below. We’re bringing Grapplin’ Beans back for another season until Summerslam and will probably see it through to Survivor Series or the Rumble! Hell, I’d be thrilled to take it all the way to Wrestlemania 38!

It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t thank Jacob enough for taking the time to make this show within a show.

Can’t see any of the embeds? Links are here:

SPOTIFY: bit.ly/beanspot

GOOGLE: bit.ly/beansgoogle

APPLE: bit.ly/beanstalkpod

BeansTalk runs every week and is now basically a variety show of different segments, ranging from games talk, wrestling and movie chat. Upcoming highlights and shows include the introduction of BeansBuster, Digimon REwatch and hopefully the return of Lauren’s RanKING!

Grapplin’ Beans features Jacob Dickens, Joel Loynds, Lauren Best and Oli Saville and is a fantasy league based on WWE’s weekly Smackdown and RAW shows. We utilise DroptheBelt.com.

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